Watters: Biden thinks none of the economic crisis is his fault

JESSE WATTERS: I mean, 75% of the country says the country is in an absolute, you know-what-hole. And Biden’s telling the people that are struggling, “you don’t know how good you have it.” He says he’s pivoting to the economy. What else is he been working on? And then he says, “you know what, all the bad things about the economy, none of it’s my fault. It’s someone else’s fault.” It’s the Fed chair’s fault who missed inflation. But Biden just reappointed the Fed chair, and he says it’s Congress’s fault, too. But the Democrats control Congress. And then he says it’s Putin’s fault. But this gas price thing was going up way before he invaded and they invaded on his watch. And then he says this. He goes, “You know what? My solution? Spend more money.” I mean, any idiot knows that’s a really dumb idea. He’s got a lot of political problems. Black Americans, they’re upset in the White House. They’re very angry. And a lot of the black voters say, what have you done for me lately? We put you in there and you haven’t delivered. Same with the far left. The far left put him in there. He hasn’t delivered on the Green New Deal or anything like that. And all of his donors are angry, too. And I saw polls that come out say, he’s it 35% in Delaware, his home state? He’s at 29% in Ohio. He’s got a Senate race in Ohio. 





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