Watters calls out Napa County DA for 'stonewalling' on Paul Pelosi's dash cam footage: 'We need to see it'

JESSE WATTERS: Just moments ago the Napa County D.A. was forced to release Paul Pelosi’s mugshot from the night Nancy was out of town when he got popped for drunk driving. Today was the deadline for our FOIA request and voilà! There it is. Pretty close to the sketch we commissioned. Pretty close. Crooked politicians and political appointees in California spent more than two weeks trying to keep this photo from going public. 왜? Was it really that bad? Pretty handsome for a drunk 82-year-old.


처음에는, Napa County claimed this would jeopardize the investigation. Did it jeopardize [그것]? 당연히 아니지. They were just trying to protect the most powerful Democrat in California, 낸시 펠로시 – the most powerful woman in America. (죄송합니다, Kamala.) It’s worth noting they sent this to all the other media outlets before Fox, even though we were the only network that asked for it. So they are bitter.

지금, I know what you are thinking. This isn’t about politics. 이것은 공정성에 관한 것입니다. We just want to know what happened. And we’re entitled to the same information they would release about any other DUI arrest like someone who’s not married to California royalty.

The D.A. 이다 still stonewalling though on the dash cam, the body cam and the drunk tank cam, but we’re not going to give up. Because there are valid questions that have to be answered for the American people, 물론이야. Like what was Pauly P. doing out so late when Nancy was out of town? Was he alone in the car? What did he say to the cops when they arrived on the scene? Did he try to slip them $ 100? Was he able to walk in a straight line, touch his nose? Hop on one leg? Did Bubba cuddle up with him on the floor of the drunk tank while he was walking off his hangover? We need to see all of it.


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