Watters: 가짜 백악관 세트부터 유료 아역 배우까지, 'Biden doesn't care'

The country doesn’t trust him or respect him. We watch him react to problems like he’s intoxicated, 묽고 싱거운, 부주의하고 느린. 미국인들은 고통받고 있다,” 워터스가 말했다. “미국인들은 충분했습니다.”

They’re living in a fantasy land where if they say things are fine, the media is just going to repeat it and they can go back to bed,” Watters continued, “but the media isn’t repeating Biden’s lies as much as they used to.

Watters pointed to backlogged supply chains, which consumed national news last week and resulted in a backlog of American imports and sharp criticism of President Biden.


“우리. ports are gridlocked in L.A., and Long Beach ports are massively backlogged. All of the products we have made in China nowadays, we have to rely on them for everything,” 워터스가 말했다.

The host noted the cause of these backlogs can be tied directly to the production of U.S. consumer goods in 중국.

Biden and his buddies put the factories there, and now we’re crunched,” Watters said. “This is expected to last past the end of the year. 전국적으로, hundreds and hundreds of cargo ships just waiting to drop off their items. Not enough truck drivers to drive the product to market, 어느 하나.”

Watters responded to White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s remarks that America is experiencing these crises becausedemand is up and the economy is turning back on.


Don’t you get it?” asked Watters. “Nothing is working because the Biden economy is so great. That’s their talking point. Just like Afghanistan, nothing but a success. High prices and empty shelves. That’s a sign of progress.

We can’t fly either,” Watters continued. “Southwest Airlines seeing thousands of flights delayed or canceled since last weekend, and they expect it to last through the holidays. Pilots and staff are protesting Biden’s vaccine mandate, and the Southwest CEO said he doesn’t even want to do the mandate, but he has to because the president forced his hand.

While the problems continue to pile up like crazy, VP Kamala Harris has been up to basically nothing but this: a NASA’s space video with kids to try to make herself look relatable,” 그는 계속했다. “Those weren’t real kids. Those were hired child actors. The company was Canadian. She didn’t even use an American company, and the company’s called ‘Sinking Ship Productions.You can’t make this stuff up.

Watters argued that Biden doesn’t care and that his administrationchecked out.

He’s not even doing anything to show he cares, like a low-grade politician would,” Watters said. “They lost the room, creating a distance bigger than ever before between the American people and the presidency. Fake White House sets, paid actors, spin lies. They’re disrespecting you.

The buck doesn’t stop at Biden, 그건 확실합니다,” 워터스가 말했다.

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