Watters: If Biden really cared, he'd talk about what really fueled this rampage

JESSE WATTERS: When America is faced with a tragedy, Americans expect a leader to step up to the plate and bring the country together, not fuel the flames and make things worse. Joe Biden ran on being that guy. In 2017 in the midst of Charlottesville, Biden emerged to tell Americans that there was no better guy in Washington to unite the country. He promised he would fight for what he called the soul of America, and he’d fight for every American, regardless of party or race. But what we’re seeing coming out of this White House is the very last thing Joe Biden promised to do. Vandag, he made it clear it was never about you. It was always just politics for him. In his first visit to Buffalo, New York, a city mourning after a racist nutjob went on a shooting spree, Joe Biden treated it like it was just another campaign stop where instead of uniting a broken city, he used it to blame America for being complicit in White supremacy.



So if you don’t talk about White supremacy all day like Democrat politicians, you’re complicit in White supremacy. Het dit? And you’re the reason America is failing.


Joe Biden is admitting that democracy is in its greatest danger point in 80 years while Joe Biden is president and while Democrats control the Senate and the Congress, and after he got elected on a promise to unite the country. Is Biden just reading words on a teleprompter or is he confessing that his presidency is a failure? Hulle sou jou probeer afpers. But does this sound like someone who cares about actually healing the soul of America?

President Joe Biden. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)




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