Watters: President Biden 'doesn't have a clue' on how to address surging violence in cities across the US

We know criminals shoot people with guns, 乔. Why are shootings up?” the host of “沃特世界” 说过.

Watterscomments came after 拜登的 remarks on Wednesday where he outlined his crime prevention strategy. His strategy includes several components, which focus on firearms like strengthening background checks and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also called for a boost in community policing.

Biden is incapable of figuring that out or he is ignorant and just doesn’t want to,” Watters said. “Translation, they don’t have a clue.


本周早些时候, the president met with state and local leaders and law enforcement officials ahead of his remarks to discuss crime prevention strategy, amid a surge of violence in cities across the country. Both Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland, who spoke before him, pointed to a historic rise in crime in the summertime, and said that risemay be more pronouncedas the nation comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The White House insisted curbing gun violence is key to tamping down astaggeringsurge of crime.

Watters called out Biden for failing to mentionblack-on-black crime, 帮派, drugs or familiesas the source of rising crime. He continued by saying Biden disregarded the defunding of the police movement, bail reform, and soft district attorneys as potential contributors to surging gun violence.

You can’t solve the problem unless you say what the problem is,” Watters said. “The so-called compassionate president couldn’t bring himself to articulate the painful loss that black American families are suffering from every single day. That anti-gun agenda is a dodge.

Watters concluded his comments by pointing to how former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani reduced crime in the nineties.

New York City was awash with guns in the 90s when [鲁迪朱利安尼] brought the crime rate down. Proactive policing was the key along with tough sentences. You have got to lock up shooters. It’s just that simple. 例如, in Illinois, illegal possession of a firearm calls for 3 至 7 入狱多年. But shooters either get bailed out for nothing and skip or [district attorneys] and judges go soft,” 他说. “All we have to do is enforce the law on the books. When the streets aren’t safe, the citizens arm themselves because they don’t trust the law to protect them. Citizens all over the country are losing trust in the people we put in positions of power.

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