Watters rips Buttigieg's blame-shifting: 'Mayor Pete can't get baby formula in Joe Biden's America'

週末のインタビューで, ブティジェグ claimed the administration “初日から行動” アボットラボが汚染された式をリコールした後. The Illinois-based pharmaceutical giant has a large market share in the industry, producing Similac among other similar products.

Watters ripped Buttigieg for his comment thatgovernment does not make baby formula,” noting that the government doesn’t and shouldn’tproduce anything.

バイデンは、タイトルのときに国外にいると予想されます 42 EXPIRES


ブティジェグ (Al Drago/Bloomberg)

Mayor Pete can’t get baby formula in Joe Biden’s America. はい. And Pete is not even blaming Joe Biden,” ジェシーワターズは彼の新しいショーがどうなるかを詳しく説明します, adding that his son Jesse Watters Jr. has fared well during the shortage.

The government doesn’t make baby formula. The government doesn’t make anything. When does that ever stop the government from getting involved in everything?” 彼は尋ねた.

Watters noted Buttigieg and other Democrats regularly beat the drum about the importance of regulation and oversight, pointing out the Food & Drug Administration has not appeared to at least pause the red tape involved in getting formula to market – including importing from overseas.



Becerra. (AP)

アボット, which previously forged a federal government 契約する for its Binax-NOW at-home coronavirus test, said it hopes to restart production at its affected Michigan plant within two weeks, pending FDA approval.

“”We would begin production of EleCare, Alimentum and metabolic formulas first and then begin production of Similac and other formulas,” the pharma giant said in a statement.


オン “5,” co-host Dana Perino summarily questioned the absence of HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra during the formula crisis, remarking that the White House didn’t appear interested in acting urgently until Americans beganwanting to put [彼の] face on a milk carton.

Where’s he been?” 彼女は尋ねた. “He’s like the only cabinet secretary you never see.

The White House isonly blaming Republicans for not fighting against big oil. That is so insulting,” 彼女は付け加えた.