Watters rips White House calls for UN to probe US 'injustices': 共産党中国, Cuba will 'call us racist'

木曜日に, co-host Jesse Watters argued Blinken’s invitation shows that Democratscustom of calling America “人種差別主義者” です “十分ではない” 彼らのために.

“彼らはそれをするために世界の他の地域を招待しています,” 彼は言った. “Blinken said it is to confront the ‘scourge of racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia here at home’ そして世界中で. And the White House is actually backing him up.

Watters alluded to White House press secretary Jen Psaki telling reporters that President Biden believesresponsible nationsshould notshirk from scrutiny of their human rights record.

しかしながら, Watters noted that America’s supposed horrific human rights record will be scrutinized by the likes of Communist countries with histories of oppression like Cuba and China, both of which are on that particular UN council.

In Cuba, strongman President Miguel Diaz-Canel reportedly shut off the internet and other lines of civilian communications amid widespread arrests by federal forces of protesters and dissidents.

Cuban expatriates and their descendants in Miami have rallied in support of pro-democracy demonstrators in Havana and have called on Biden to do more to defend Cubans’ 権利.

In China, Watters noted, the Uighur Muslim population in Xinjiang Province, along the Kazakh and Kyrgyz borders, are being forced into concentration camps and having their basic human rights denied, as Beijing also saber-rattles toward Taiwan.

“覚えておいてください, the human rights council that the White House wants to [have] criticize America includes Cuba and China,” 彼は言った, going on to point out their injustices.

Let’s save everybody the trouble – they (the U.N. human rights council) will call us racist,” 彼が追加した.

Host Greg Gutfeld added that he can likely cite the conclusion by-rote before Blinken’s probe even starts

I already have the prediction of the conclusion systemic racism pervades America, inequality in America is worse than ever. What is really needed is an anti-racist reeducation plan in all of our schools,” 彼は言った.

Gutfeld further remarked that he was wrong about Biden not being theunifierthe president continues to claim to be.

He is unifying us. Because we are all getting really, really sick of being told we are a bunch of racist rubes. He has gotten to the point where he is actually inviting outside consultants to tell us that we suck. It is all part of his greater pernicious attitude towards America,” 彼は言った.

We can no longer think we are exceptional because that is racist and xenophobic. Even patriotism stands out as an anomaly. The flag is racist, apple pie is racist. We have seen the stories. ‘America last’ is our penance for being ‘America first.’