Watters: Así cubrirán los medios este infernal verano

JESSE AGUAS: Recuerda el verano del amor? Fue 2020. El olor de las granadas de humo estaba en el aire.. Las calles se llenaron de alborotadores. Las tiendas de mamá y papá fueron saqueadas y quemadas hasta los cimientos., all by left-wing lunatics. It all happened quick as a snap. People were raging — partly from being locked down for months — and when they got triggered, they went berserk.


Cities like Kenosha, Seattle, Portland became no different than third-world countries and the rest of America was forced to watch in fear. It was a scary summer and the last thing that America needs right now is another summer of love, but the signs are all pointing to that summer of 2022 is going to be a hell of a lot worse and in some different ways.


This is how the media is going to cover this hellacious summer: Everyone’s suffering, but it’s not Joe Biden’s fault. And you think Americans are going to hear that and they’re going to buy that? No. Mirar, the summer of ’22 is going to be a real test for the media. It’s going to be impossible to spin this summer in Joe Biden’s favor.


The media is facing a choice: Cover the country’s collapse under Joe Biden honestly or lie about how great everything’s going like you’re a Russian propaganda network.

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