We knew it was coming. 'This Is Us' airs most emotional episode yet

The following story contains spoilers about Tuesday’s episode of “이것은 우리입니다.”

Six seasons, more than a hundred episodes and plenty of anticipatory grief led to an emotional hour of This Is Us화요일에.

The penultimate 삽화 of the series titled, “The Train,” culminated in the death of the Pearson family matriarch, 레베카 피어슨 [맨디 무어] of Alzheimer’s.
The creator of the Emmy-winning series, 댄 포겔만, took viewers on a literal train ride in which Pearson encounters the loves of her life, both living and dead, before crossing over into the afterlife.
    At one point she’s greeted by her former physician, 박사. Nathan Katowski [Gerald McRaney] who delivered her triplets in the first episode of the series, but this time he was her bartender, pouring her a well-deserved Vesper.
      You’re as tough as they come, 레베카 피어슨,” 그는 말했다. “And you, my dear, have earned a rest.
          The Pearson children, their grandchildren and spouses all said goodbye to the woman who had shaped their lives in the final minutes of the episode — 스털링 K. 갈색, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Susan Kelechi Watson, Jon Huertas, Chris Sullivan, Moore and even Milo Ventimiglia’s character, 잭, who died in Season 2, shared touching moments.
          Next week’s series finale will bring an end to the NBC drama, 에 데뷔한 2016.

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