'Weird Al' Yankovic mocks presidential debate in 'We're All Doomed'

Leave it toWeird AlYankovic to give us a theme song for the first presidential debate.

The musical satirist is featured in theWe’re All Doomed” ミュージックビデオ 水曜日にリリース.
It takes clips from Tuesday’s debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and uses them to have the pair “歌う” their remarks.
Yankovic is cast as the debate moderator who singsWho’s it gonna be/In the West Wing/We’re living in the apocalypse/I’m begging you to put a stop to this/Pretty please.
    He teamed with The Gregory Brothers who are known for their online series in which theySongify the News,” which was formerly known asAuto-Tune the News
    Last year Yankovic won a best boxed or special limited-edition package Grammy forSqueeze Box: The Complete Works Of ‘Weird AlYankovic.He had previously won four others for his comedy recordings.


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