We're finally there -- Will Smith reveals new 'Fresh Prince' trailer and release date

이제 이것은 방법에 대한 모든 이야기입니다 “신선한 왕자” 돌아왔다 — 이 날짜를 표시.

이후로 계속 “벨 에어의 신선한 왕자” 팬들은 올 가을 초에 동창회 특집의 바람을 받았다, people have been on the edge of their seats waiting for more.
잘, thanks to Will Smiththe Prince himselfwe have a release date with a new trailer to boot.
스미스 posted the trailer to YouTube Friday morning where it quickly racked up nearly a quarter of a million views in just a few hours. “You not ready for this trailer,” Smith said in the first few seconds of the video. “You couldn’t be ready for this trailer. Happy Thanksgiving.
    The date to wait for, he announced, was November 19, when the reunion debuts on HBO Max in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary.
    HBO Max and CNN share a parent company, WarnerMedia.
    비디오 — featuring cast members such as Tatyana Ali, Joseph Marcell and Alfonso Ribeirocombines moments from the TV series with shots of the cast around a couch together rehashing behind the scenes secrets and memorable moments while filming the TV show.
    But the reunion special won’t just be smiles and laughs.
    The trailer teases some difficult moments as the cast discusses the late James Avery, the actor who played father-figure Uncle Phil on the show and who 돌아가 셨다 six years ago from complications after an open heart surgery.
    James Avery was this six-foot-four Shakespearen beast,” Smith can be heard saying in the trailer. “And I wanted him to think I was good.
    The reunion special will feature all remaining members of the original cast.

    Those aren’t the only tears.
      The trailer shows the cast reflecting on the importance that the showwhich ran for six seasons and a whopping 148 에피소드 — especially had for Black viewers.
      Our show meant Black excellence to people,” Ali said in the trailer. “That excellence was the way that we loved each other.

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