What stores are open and closed on Memorial Day

1 년 전, states were starting to ease coronavirus restrictions while warning Americans not to gather with large groups for 기념일 out of concern for a second wave of infections.

올해, celebrations for the unofficial start of summer may look a little more familiar now that millions of Americans have been 예방 접종 against Covid-19. And unlike other federal holidays, most major stores are open during regular hours. But not everything is business as usual.
So whether you’re planning a long-awaited gathering or just trying to get some errands done Monday, here’s what is open and closed.


        ALDIOpen limited hours depending on location
          CVSMost locations are open with limited hours
          FedEx — Some offices are open with limited hours but there will be no deliveries
          KrogerOpen regular hours but pharmacies are limiting hours
          PublixOpen regular hours but pharmacies are closed
          TargetOpen regular hours
          Trader Joe’sOpen regular hours
          월마트 — Open regular hours but pharmacies are limiting hours
          Movie theaters


          Government-owned buildings such as the DMV and public libraries
          Publix pharmacies
          Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange
            US Postal Service
            생각해 내다, it’s safest to call ahead to make sure your nearest location isn’t adjusting hours.





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