What to cook for Memorial Day

In Fox Nation’sAt Home with Paula Deen: Grilling with the Deen FamilyPaula, her husband Michael and sons Bobbie and Jamie grill the perfect meal, with smoked baby back ribs, grilled street corn, cabbage salad, pineapple casserole, French bread, and icebox cake.

Today at home with Paula, it’s all about Paula and family,” 她说.

Michael slow-cooked the ribs on the smoker, seasoned with salt, pepper, and brown sugar so the spices caramelize while cooking.

You will never taste a better rib anywhere in this world, 你们,” Paula said.

Paula and Michael also made a cabbage salad, with spring onions and broiled ramen noodles.

Brothers Bobby and Jamie Deen made street vendor corn with mayonnaise, spices, and cheese, grilled with the husk on until the corn was soft and the mayonnaise had browned.

Paula also cooked Pineapple Casserole a dish she said was her favorite to serve with pork.

For those who prefer to take an indoor approach to Memorial Day cooking, Joe Theismann joinsCooking with Steve Doocyto cook fried chicken, 的 “happiest food.

As a kid growing up, when things didn’t go right, I’d come home, and mom wanted to put a smile on my face, it was fried chicken,” Theismann said.

The chicken was seasoned with salt and pepper, dipped in eggs, then flour, and grilled in Crisco, then served with applesauce and canned green beans cooked with bacon grease.

Theismann said it was intentionally a simple meal, “Why do you have to make it complicated…life’s complicated enough. Why not make it easy when it comes to the food part of it?”

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