When a Florida woman misdialed her sister's number, それはロードアイランドの見知らぬ人との20年の友情を引き起こしました

間違った電話番号で始まったのは今では続いている友情です 20 年.

2000年代初頭のある日, デルレイビーチのグラディスハンカーソン, フロリダ, メリーランドで彼女の妹に電話をかけようとしていました, according to CNN affiliate WPBF.
Her sister’s area code was 410, but Hankerson kept dialing 401 代わりに. Mike Moffitt in Rhode Island picked up.
      Hankerson apologized for mistakenly dialing his number and hung up immediately, but she continued to call multiple times. “It continually happened where she accidentally dialed the wrong number, but it eventually switched to just calling to say hi.Moffitt told CNN.
        いつか, Moffitt decided to stop her from hanging up the phone so quickly and talk with her. “私は好きだった, 「ねえ, if you’re going to keep calling, let’s chat,'” Moffitt said.
          Moffitt worked in a call center at the time and said being on the phone didn’t bother him. He explained to CNN that talking to Hankerson was like a breath of fresh air compared to his usual calls.
          It just so happened that that period in Hankerson’s life was a difficult oneshe was divorced and had just lost her son. “その間, I was downhearted, そして彼 (マイク) felt my sympathy and everythinglifted me up,” Hankerson told WPBF.
          ほぼ同時期, Moffitt had lost his grandparents, and Hankerson filled that void for him just like he filled the void for her.
          Fast forward 20 years and their friendship is thriving. Moffitt said the two have stayed in contact, talking every few months or so, but they had never met in person.
          That was until last week’s Thanksgiving holiday, when Moffitt and his family were visiting Florida and decided to surprise Hankerson at her home in Delray Beach.
          The reason we ended up meeting was because a drawbridge was up,” Moffitt said. “We waited 10-15 minutes at a drawbridge, and eventually decided to keep going. That’s when I realized we were 2 miles away from Gladyshouse.
          After grabbing some flowers, Moffitt knocked on Hankerson’s door and was welcomed with open arms.
          I walked in and said, ‘Gladys, it’s Mike from Rhode Island!’ and she said, 'ああ, my friend Mike! I’m blessed,’ and threw her arms up,” Moffitt said.
            Hankerson gave Moffitt a tour of her house, introduced him to her family and the two caught up like they would on the phone.
            After all this time, Hankerson told WPBF, Moffitt seems like a family member. “I wish more people could be like that, ええと,” 彼女は言いました. “That would be so nice. The world would be better, あまりにも — people would be better.