casa Blanca, los medios les dicen a los estadounidenses que no se quejen, but lower expectations 'like Soviet Union': 'The Five'

Anfitrión Greg Gutfeld noted that some in the media have suggested it is the American people’s fault if they do not like the condition of the country, ya sea inflación, escasez de productos básicos u otras dificultades.

Is it is our fault, we have to lower our expectations, because it is on us, it is not on Joe,” él dijo. “How dare we expect competence from our government – the overriding message from the White House for every problem has always been it’s on you.

los “Gutfeld!” host noted Biden previously stated hispatience is wearing thinwith Americans who choose not to be injected with the coronavirus vaccine – and that that mantra has now expanded to those complaining about staffing shortages or bare grocery shelves.

This is the argument that prevailed in the Soviet Union: You don’t like the bread line, don’t wait in the bread line. Starve,” él dijo. “I would wait in the bread line.

America now has to dealwe have to deal with the declinebecause the government and the media is telling us the decline is necessary. It is not temporary, it is deserved.

The Democrats have essentially turned the inalienable right of thepursuit of happinessinto anacceptance of fate– which Gutfeld noted is how many other countries like the former USSRdecline and possibly die.

It’s not in a bloody Civil War, it’s a revolution that is sold to you as progress when it is not,” él dijo. “If America were patient, this White House will be happy to smother it with a pillow.

Following further discussion from the panel, Biden himself took the stage alongside Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey Jr., D-Pa., in his hometown of Scranton, where he again campaigned for his “Reconstruir mejor” socioeconomic spending plan.


Prior to Biden’s arrival, the now-former Central Scranton Expressway from Interstate 81 into the city was renamed thePresident Biden Expresswayin his honor, and the city announced Spruce Street in downtown will be renamedBiden Street”, despite pushback from local businesses.

Biden began his remarks by speaking at length about the importance of funding passenger rail, like the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, a.k.a., Amtrak, remarking on the “millones” of miles he logged on the Northeast Regional between Washington D.C. and what is now the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Station in Wilmington, Delaware over the past 50 años.

The president claimed his multi-trillion-dollar spending plan will invest more in his preferred mode of transit than what Amtrak started with when it took over for the now-defunct Pennsylvania Railroad and other privately-held lines in the early 1970s.

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