Why aren’t America’s classrooms fitted with cameras? Matt Walsh weighs in

The Matt Walsh Showhost Matt Walsh joined塔克·卡尔森今晚Wednesday and agreed that having an inside look, and even video surveillance into classrooms, would be positive for the future of America.

It makes total sense that, 明显, we should want to know what our kids are being taught,” 他说.

Walsh explained that Americans are already paying for the government to have public schools and should want to know the nature of the curriculum being taught, including controversial critical race theory education and woke ideologies.


The reason Democrats denounce the use of cameras inside schools is for privacy concerns but Walsh suggested that teachers responsible for shaping small children should not expect privacy inside the classroom.

Teachers as government employees, in their capacity as government employees working with kids, they shouldn’t get privacy or free speech,” 他说. “Any more than I want a bank teller – If I’m making a deposit of a lot of cash, I don’t want them to turn the cameras off and go into a back room and say, ‘I need some privacy while I do this.’

I think… the real reason is that they don’t want us to know what goes on inside that building.

Walsh reiterated that regardless of what goes on behind closed classroom doors, it is the business of the public.

Is there anything that could happen inside a public school classroom that you absolutely would not want on film?” 他问. “And if you can think of something that could happen like that, it shouldn’t be happening in the classroom to begin with.