Why Biden's vaccine goals are likely too modest and good politics

一周投票: 一个 Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that just 29% of Americans think the federal government has done an excellent or good job distributing the Covid-19 vaccine to states so far.

That’s generally in line with other polling (such as last week’s CNN/SSRS survey) that showed that most Americans were displeased with how Donald Trump’s administration handled the coronavirus pandemic.
重点是什么: President Joe Biden’s administration has come under some criticism for its goal to deliver 100 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine in its first 100 天. Some people believe it is too modest a goal. The Biden administration has pushed back on that claim.
A look at the statistics reveal that it may very well be too modest, but it’s likely good politics.
    Let’s start with the basic fact that humans developing multiple Covid-19 vaccines in less than a year was a scientific achievement for the ages.
    The Trump administration then completely botched the expectations game on the vaccine rollout. 他们 set an initial goal of getting 20 million vaccine doses into the arms of Americans by the end of 2020.
    I noted last week, we simply didn’t come close to reaching that milestone in December.
    We’re very likely to hit 20 million total doses administered? in the next few days, 然而, as more than 19 million doses have been administered as of early Friday.
    总体, as Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki 指出, “少于 500,000 shots a daywere administered during Trump’s time in office once the first shots were given on December 14.
    It’s a true statement, but I must admit that it feels like it doesn’t encapsulate all the facts. You can’t just look at the entirety of the Trump run to determine whether Biden’s setting a low goal.
    毕竟, it takes time for the states and the federal government to figure out how to coordinate with each other and themselves to distribute the vaccines.
    此外, a number of states were very strict with who could get the vaccines at first. There were reports of doses getting thrown out.
    States have since opened up the eligibility. Combined with more practice in actually delivering the vaccine, the number of people getting doses each state has gone up dramatically.
    自一月以来 13, 我们有 averaged greater 比 800,000 doses administered every day. On three days since that date, we’ve had more than a million people get the vaccine. This includes on Friday, when the CDC reported an increase of more than 1.5 million doses administered from the day before.
    We’ve done a better job of administering the doses we have than we used to. We used to only administer less than a third of the doses distributed. Only once before January 12 had we administered more than 33%. It’s been above that every day since. 事实上, it’s been greater than 45% each of the last four days reported.
    This is before the Biden administration has had any real opportunity to change anything from the Trump administration.
    当然, the past isn’t always prologue. We could run out of vaccines, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point.
    We know that Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have pledged to deliver 200 million doses of their vaccine combined in the first quarter of this year (i.e. 到三月). This doesn’t even count the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, 哪一个, if approved, could deliver tens of millions more doses by the beginning of April.
    The bottom line is that it’s very easy to see how the Biden administration hits 100 million doses in 100 天. We’re basically already doing it, and we should have the doses available to keep doing it.
    确实, America may end up doing considerably better than 100 million doses in 100 天.
    现在, it’s possible that things go awry in vaccine production or distribution. That’s why it’s usually best to keep expectations low.
    Biden’s team, if anything, wants to do the exact opposite of what Trump did. They don’t want to set a bar that can easily prove impossible to beat. They want a bar that can be met and can potentially be exceeded.
    换一种说法, they may end up under-promising and over-delivering.
    Usually, voters reward politicians who do what Biden’s team could do. They clearly punished Trump for the opposite.
    要清楚, Americans expect Biden to fulfill his promise. The vast majority (70%) of Americans told CNN pollsters that the Biden administration is at least somewhat likely to reach its goal of 100 million does in 100 天.
      If we don’t, there could be a heavy political price to pay.
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