Why CNN is working to help you make life 'better'

David G. Allan is die redaksionele direkteur van CNN Travel, Styl, Wetenskap en welstand.

If there’s one thing you can count on to never change, it’s that everything changes.

How we respond and react to that truism can make all the difference between a positive and negative outcome, between happiness and frustration.
To negotiate life successfully, we need trusted guides. Friends and family, therapists, great books — even TV and movies — can all help light the dark tunnels and give you good information, advice and wisdom when the way is hard to find.
    Your favorite friendly trusted news source can also be counted on to give you similar science-based advice, perspectives and resources, and that is why we have launched a new wellness initiative called Life, Maar beter.
      As the name implies, it’s a resource for information and tools designed to help you cope and thrive through the challenges and curve balls life throws at us.
        We’re launching Life, But Better now because “nou” is always the best time to start shaping the future you want. Ook, because our team has spent a year creating content to help guide you — and ourselves — through some of the greatest challenges of our lifetimes.
        Nou, at the start of a new era, we want to build on what we’ve all learned to move into the next phases of our lives with strength and optimism.

          Kos, fiksheid, slaap, mindfulness, verhoudings

          Lewe, But Better will evolve and grow over time, just like our lives. We begin by focusing on the five key areas we know can make the biggest improvements in our mental and physical well-being: kos, fiksheid, slaap, mindfulness and relationships.
          With good information, an open mind and a little experimentation, we can all find ways to nourish, move and rest our bodies; to be in each moment; and to connect deeply with one another. No matter our individual challenges, making gains in any one of these areas will have a significant impact on our lives.
          And the “wen” will build on each other. Good sleep improves mental health and makes it easier to make healthy eating choices and have the strength to move our bodies. Mood-boosting foods, op sy beurt, provide their own pick-me-up. Creating an exercise routine that involves friends, keeps you accountable and connected. Slowing down to eat as a family brings gains in almal these areas. And on and on, in a beautiful, virtuous circle.
          Lewe, But Better will take you on an enjoyable journey of getting to know yourself and discovering what makes you and your family feel — and live — better. Our stories and guides are based on cutting-edge science and present gratifying and fun activities and challenges. And we aim to be mindful of the inevitable obstacles (like time and money) and dead ends that are part of any worthwhile adventure.
            We are here to share them with you — starting with our slaap en fiksheid newsletters. Sign up for them and alerts that tell you when new Life, But Better guides come online.
            Whatever your goals, however you define “beter,” we are here to help you get there.




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