Why Republicans won't walk away from the 'Big Lie'

There was an scambio Thursday between Fox NewsJohn Roberts and Texas Rep. Kevin Brady that is remarkably telling about just how lost the Republican Party is at the moment.

Ecco qui:
Roberts: “President Donald Trump says the ‘Big Liewas the results of the 2020 elezione. Liz Cheney says, no, the ‘Big Liewas suggesting that the 2020 l'elezione è stata rubata. Between the two of them, who is right?”
    Brady: “I’ll leave that dispute to them.
      un, CHE COSA?
        So Brady, chi, not for nothing, ha già annunciato he is retiring at the end of this Congress and therefore has nothing left to fear from former President Trump, still can’t bring himself to answer that very simple question about the election?
        Piace, here’s all he needed to say: I wanted Trump to wincampaigned for him and voted for him. But every objective review of the results and all of the various legal challenges brought in the aftermath of the election make clear that Joe Biden won and Donald Trump lost.

          Vedere, because it’s NOT a 50-50 coin flip! This is not a some-people-say-the-2020-election-was-stolen-while-others-say-it-wasn’t thing!
          Facts say the election was won fair and square by Biden. Conspiracy theoristsand the former President of the United States! — say that there were all sorts of nefarious things going on.
          One of these is true! The other is wholly false!
          Brady, ovviamente, knows this. Lui, unlike some of his more newly elected GOP colleagues (*cough* Marjorie Taylor Greene *cough*), has been around Washington and politics long enough to understand that there is nothing to Trump’s claims of election fraudno matter how often and how loudly the former President repeats them.
            Quale, if you think about it, actually makes what Brady is doing worse. He KNOWS what theBig Lie” è, he just doesn’t want to say it because he’s afraid it will get him crosswise with Trump and his most hardcore followers.
            Il punto: Political courage is in short supply among Republican elected officials these days. Very short supply.

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