Why Senate GOPers' response to Trump isn't good enough

The most important story on Thursday — and I am not just saying this because I work with them — was written and reported by CNN’s Manu Raju and Ted Barrett.

Headlined “GOP growing more indifferent to Trump controversies as election nears,” the piece outlines the ho-hum reactions — and worse — from Republican senators to President Donald Trump’s ongoing (and worsening) norm-busting.

In response to questions about Trump’s admission that he had “downplayed” the virus to the public — which he told The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward on tape — here is what some of the senators said:
* “No. It’s fake news.” — Georgia’s Sen. Kelly Loeffler
    * “You guys are awful.” — Arizona’s Sen. Martha McSally
    * “Not right now.” — Iowa’s Sen. Joni Ernst
    Uh, what? 
    Let’s start with Loeffler. What, exactly, is “fake news” about Trump, ON TAPE, telling Woodward, “I wanted to always play it down” and “I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”
    Or what about McSally? Regardless of whether Raju and Barrett are “awful” — which they’re not — what does that have to do with the question she was asked? (HINT: It has nothing to do with it.)
      As for Ernst, well, is she really THAT busy that she couldn’t stop to answer a question about the a) dominant issue in the country and b) statements made by the leader of her party?
      The Point: Elected officials — of both parties — have a responsibility to answer questions asked of them by reporters. Not doing so is an abdication of that responsibility.




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