Widow of slain Philadelphia police officer blames progressive policies of DA Larry Krasner for husband's death

中士. 詹姆士 O’Connor, 在部队服役 23 年的老兵, 3 月在执行逮捕令期间因公殉职 13, 2020. The prosecutors in the case described the alleged killers as dangerous drug dealers with extensive rap sheets.

O’Connor’s widow, 特里, told Fox News on Thursday that she believes her husband would still be alive if not for the far-left bail policies of embattled D.A. 克拉斯纳, who allowed these gunmen to return to the streets following multiple arrests.


文件: Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner addresses the media after a press conference announcing Danielle Outlaw as the new Police Commissioner

文件: Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner addresses the media after a press conference announcing Danielle Outlaw as the new Police Commissioner (马克马克拉/盖蒂图片社)

They had lengthy criminal records for guns, 枪击事件, 谋杀案. I could go on and on about it,” 她说 “美国报道。” “They were out of jail repeatedly because of our district attorney and his lenient policies. If those males were locked up and kept where they’re supposed to be, my husband would still be here today.

Terri joins other victims of Philadelphia’s spiraling crime crisis who’ve fiercely criticized Krasner’s far-left policies and called for his ousting. 在六月, a group of Pennsylvania state representatives opened impeachment proceedings against the liberal D.A. for dereliction of duty.

We have a D.A. who won’t prosecute people who are stealing from stores if it’s under $ 1,000 and small businesses are closing because people can just walk in, take what they want and they know nothing is going to happen to them,” 她说.

Terri shared her story in response to an op-ed this week published by the Wall Street Journal, 在其中 liberal billionaire Soros praised the work of progressive district attorneys and dismissed the notion their policies were to blame for crime spikes nationwide.


Soros attempted to make the case that policies implemented byreform-minded prosecutorshe has donated millions of dollars to have beenpopular” 和 “effective.

文件 -- Billionaire philanthropist and activist George Soros

文件 — Billionaire philanthropist and activist George Soros (Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

But Terri said her grief and that of so many others like her is proof that the current system isnot working.

It’s not working. Who thinks that this system of giving people second, 第三, fourth chances is working? Our city is not safe. It hasn’t been safe for quite some time,” 她说. “There are younger victims being shot and killed every day. It’s because they are let out again and again and every time it happens you see their arrest records. It’s disgusting how many priors they have. Nothing is done about it. They are not kept behind bars where they deserve to be.

State charges have been filed against the men who took O’Connor’s life, along with federal charges which could include the death penalty.

Terri said the federal intervention in the case gave her greater hope that the men who killed her husband will be brought to justice.

“[As far as] Taking this job out of our district attorney’s hands…we’ve already seen that he goes behind people’s backs and makes deals without telling anybody. I would be sure someone would be out on the street already,” 她说, 加, “I am very thankful that they are all locked away in federal prison at this time.