Wife of Red Sox great reveals 'vile' incident with fan at Yankee Stadium

凯瑟琳·瓦里泰克, 红袜队长期接球手杰森·瓦里特克的妻子, 当她试图离开球场时,她在推特上透露了她自己的可怕折磨.

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She first tweeted about a “可怕的” incident while she and her kids were walking back to her car. Then she said her young daughter was spit on because she was wearing her father’s jersey. She made the revelation in a back-and-forth with an apparent Yankees fan.

What our kids just went through walking to our car in Yankee stadium was scary. #RedSoxNation Let us set an example and stay classy. Baseball banter should be fun, not harmful and offensive,” 她写了.

I am not talking about ‘Curse Words,’” 她 添加. “Someone SPIT on my 9 year old daughter for wearing her Varitek jersey. I can handle ‘Curse Words’ that st was straight out (原文如此) filth and vile.


The incident allegedly occurred after some Yankees fan threw a baseball at Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo.

After he was hit, Verdugo headed toward the stands and started arguing with New York fans and was quickly pulled away by teammates and some of the umpires, 根据 波士顿环球报. The game was briefly delayed as Red Sox manager Alex Cora took his players off the field.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone condemned the incident.

That’s my understanding that someone threw the ball and hit him at point blank from behind. It’s awful, 尴尬的, 不可接受的. My understanding is that they did catch the guy. 希望, he’s in jail right now,” Boone said.

It’s just a bad situation and if I was Alex Cora I would’ve done the same thing as far as going out and getting his guys off the field and there’s zero place for that in this great game, in this great rivalry. Players should never feel they have to worry about anything like that. I already reach out to Alex Cora just to apologize and to Alex Verdugo. That’s just a terrible, 坏的, sad situation and sorry about that.

Verdugo said he tossed a ball to a Red Sox fan in the stands when a Yankees fan took it away and threw it back and hit the outfielder. 根据 纽约邮报, fans chanted for the man to throw the ball back and he did. The fan was ejected.