Wilfred Reilly tells 'Tucker Carlson Today' corporations act woke to distract from 'actual class questions'

The extreme racial language we find being used, 80, 90-plus% of it comes from the left,” said Reilly, author of the recent booksTaboo: 10 Facts You Can’t Talk About” 과 “Hate Crime Hoax: how the Left is Selling a Fake Race War.

Carlson and Reilly discussed 유나이티드 항공사’ 명시된 목표 of having 50% of new pilots be women of people or color.

United Airlines announced it was creating quotas for pilots based on race or gender,” Carlson said. “Airline pilots will now be selected on the base of what seems like irrelevant criteria, what you look like.

Reilly noted that criteria would never apply to sports teams, where a football team thatlooked like Americawould be 53% 여자, but wouldnever win a game.

All people are just people,” Reilly said. “흑인, Whites, 아시아 인, and so on are equalsif you want more Black pilots, you have to get more kids interested in flying planes, and trained to do that to a high level, perhaps through a program with the Air Forcebefore they go on to pilot large commercial airlines.

The pair also discussed why corporations have waded into issues like Georgia’s new election law.

The goal is not to make the country more woke, if you’re the global CEO of Coca-Cola. Never be fooled into believing that,” said Reilly. “What these corporations are doingis using quibbling among the lower upper class to totally ignore actual class questions.

Corporations are simply saying things that they think will perhaps save their businesses from being burnt, in the most extreme,” 그는 덧붙였다, “but that will appeal to a large number of people, that will shut up Twitter. And they’re very often just these meaningless statements.

This crusade for “깨어남” has infiltrated nearly every industry, and Reilly noted that the end goal is not equality, but rather equity.

Equitydoesn’t mean equality. What equity means is the proportional assignment of the winners by some category, usually race,” 그는 말했다. “So when we talk about these airlinesthis is a classic equity program of 50 또는 51% of the pilotswill have to be members of specific designated minority groups or females. That is an equity program.

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