Will Cain accuses the liberal media of using terms like 'conspiracy' as a weapon to destroy the opposition

CAIN: Accusations like conspiracy theories, words like disinformation and misinformation, these aren’t words that are meant to guide you as to how much trust you should place in the story. These are weapons used to destroy opposition and you already know that when it comes to debate, disagreement or even election outcomes. We saw the Hunter Biden story described as Russian disinformation. Then ignored by other media outlets and totally obliterated off of tech platforms. It was easy to understand why that was done. It was done to protect the desired outcome of a presidential election. 

But here is the truth. The truth is it’s more probable that the coronavirus escaped from a Chinese lab that was known to both be tinkering and souping up viruses, and also had reports known of lax security. That is more probable than someone in Wuhan killing 3 million people by eating a bat. By describing the origins of the coronavirus as a conspiracy theory and placing it right beside Sandy Hook trutherism. The left, the mainstream media, big tech, they shut down honest questions and good journalism, and in the process they shut down the truth. The only question left is why?


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