Will Cain dubs transgender treatment for minors ‘child abuse’: We cannot fear being called ‘anti-trans’

Biden’s Department of Justice argued laws prohibiting 12 to 14-year-olds from accessing transgender 治疗 are discriminatory. 与此同时, Arkansas has become the first state to block the use of these experimental drugs under the Safe Act.

Cain explained that the administration considers Arkansaslaw unconstitutional when it’s actually just good parenting.

For a child that feels lost, confused and out of place, they need help. But what supporters are calling gender-affirming health care is not the help that these kids need,” 他说. “We don’t nod along as children go through adolescent decisions.


We don’t take them to a tattoo parlor and allow them to ink themselves up permanently at the age of 13… We don’t let them start smoking weed because it’s currently in fashion and we don’t affirm their every decision, because we are supposed to be the adults in the room. But we’re not.

Cain pointed out that in just the past year alone, amid the coronavirus pandemic, 美国. government has forced America’s children to mask up and miss out on proper education while the proposition of critical race theory bleeds into curriculum nationwide.

What is wrong with us?” 他问. “And now we allow kids to destroy their bodies permanently because we’re afraid of being called anti-trans. Children go through things. They go through fads, mistakes, phases, and adults are supposed to guide them. For trans kids, that guidance is missing.

According to Cain, 至少 13% of trans people decide to de-transition in adulthood. Multiple states are now piggy-backing off of Arkansas’ legislation to ban puberty blockers for minors.

We adults need to stand up for our kids. We cannot bow to the fear of being called anti-trans, and we will be called anti-trans,” 该隐说. “But we’re not. Free people, free adults can do what they want. But we cannot protect our kids by cowering in fear. We cannot protect kids by indulging their every decision. We cannot protect kids by experimenting on them. That is child abuse.