Will Cain exposes tie between ‘compromised’ Biden admin, school boards against parents

During a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland was out of answers regarding the background of putting such a label into place and simply cited the National School Board Association’s letter voicing their concerns.

Garland wouldn’t give a straight answer but he gave nothing more than a letter for the predicate of this investigation,” Cain said. “It’s obvious that the White House was following NSBA’s lead and the DOJ was following the White House’s lead.


A new report from The Washington Free Beacon revealed that the NSBA hadcollaborated with the Biden White Housebefore the letter had been written.

그 동안에, another conflict of interest arose regarding Garland’s family ties to critical race theory education. 대표. 마이크 존슨, R-La., questioned the AG on his son-in-law’s company Panorama Education which sells CRT materials to school districts nationwide. Garland denied there is any connection to be made.

If that’s not being compromised, I don’t know what is,” Cain said. “The White House, the DOJ all compromised and their connections with both the National School Board Association and with critical race theory. And yet they continue to push on targeting concerned parents.

One of these concerned parents includes Scott Smith, a Loudoun Country, Virginia father, who was arrested for protesting at a school board meeting back in June. Smith spoke up to demand accountability for his daughter who was allegedly raped in a school bathroom by a biological male dressed in women’s clothing.

Obviously a harrowing experience no parent should have to deal with and every parent would want to find accountability on,” Cain reacted. “But instead of doing anything to help Smith, to allay his concerns, the Biden administration looks to vilify him and hundreds of other parents as domestic terrorists.

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When Texas Republican Chip Roy approached Garland about the tragedy, the AG replied by agreeing Smith had a right to be angry — 진술, “I do not think parents getting angry at school boards for whatever reason constitute domestic terrorism.

So then why did you send that letter, 씨. 법무 장관?” Cain questioned. “Why target parents across this country who are only concerned with their children’s safety, their education and their future?”

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