Will Cain: The left 'fundamentally unserious' about addressing a culture of crime

WILL CAIN: The American Left has systematically gone about creating a culture of crime. Our laws are consistently called not just unfair but systemically racist.  Who would follow the rules of a rigged game? In San Francisco shoplifters brazenly steal and go free for anything under $ 950. In Los Angeles, the District Attorney George Gascon is fighting to shorten the sentences of violent murderers. Laws against illegal immigration go absolutely unenforced. Many alleged rioters and looters from last summer’s unrest in Portland and NYC have gone free and had their charges dropped. And our leaders rush to the defense of criminals like Jacob Blake – who was wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant – he is lionized as Kamala Harris said she was proud of him. This while law enforcement is denigrated, called fascists, NAZIS pigs, racists. You can destroy the rule of law and create a culture of crime.  

These people are fundamentally unserious about addressing our society’s culture of crime. They’ll do anything to divide us and distract from the real issue at hand.

…They’ll talk about the mystical concept of systemic racism while defunding the police that keep everyone safe. Then after taking away our police protection they’ll villainize the guns that law-abiding citizens buy in record numbers to protect themselves from this growing crime wave.


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