Will Cain warns America is declining: En 60 years we've gone from Martin Luther King to Lori Lightfoot

CAÍN: Welcome to the decline of America where, in six short decades, we have gone from aspiring to judge a man by the content of his character to aspiring that every reporter look just like politicians they cover. Where in 60 years we’ve gone from Martin Luther King to Muriel Bowser and Lori Lightfoot. 2021 is starting to look like 1961a segregated America.

This is the opposite of Martin Luther King’s dream for America or the American Constitutional ideal that every man was created equal. And thankfully these efforts to resegregate America, like those from Lori Lightfoot, are simply too much for some.

But you and I and every sane person knows that racism is an individual sin. It is declining to look at each other for who we are. Our character, our soul, our action, and instead look at each other primarily through our skin color.


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