Winter storm dropped more snow in parts of the Northeast than all of last year's winter season

los powerful winter storm system that promised heavy snow in parts of the Northeast delivered just that, creating deadly road conditions across the region.

en Pensilvania, where the storm dumped heavy snow for hours, two people were killed and multiple others injured after a multi-vehicle crash involving 30 a 60 vehicles on Interstate 80 in Clinton County, las autoridades dijeron.
Keeping the victims and their families in my prayers,” Gobernador de Pensilvania. Tom Wolf wrote en Twitter.Please stay home if you can and stay safe.
Parts of central Pennsylvania were blanketed with well over a foot of snow, with the highest amount reported in Wellsboroa whooping 18.8 pulgadas, according to CNN meteorologist Michael Guy. Sobre 18.5 inches were reported in Dushore and 14 inches in Lock Haven, Vintondale and Sandy Ridge, de acuerdo con la Servicio Meteorológico Nacional.
    A person holds an umbrella as she walks under the snow in Times Square December 16, 2020

    In New York City’s Central Park, there were more than six inches of snow and sleet early Thursday morning, the service said.
    This winter storm is greater than the total snow for the 2019-2020 winter season of 4.8,” eso escribió.
    Heavy snowfall caused a 27-vehicle pileup Wednesday, what officials call a chain-reaction event, on the Henry Hudson Bridge, New York Police Department Lt. Thomas Antonetti told CNN. There were no critical injuries, Antonetti added.
    Six people were transported to area hospitals for their injuries, according to CNN affiliate WABC.
    “Otra vez, avoid any unnecessary travel during this storm,” NYPD wrote on Gorjeo.
    Transportation systems across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were all affected by the storm, los funcionarios dijeron. NJ Transit announced some bus and rail services would remain suspended Thursday morning. The New York City Ferry also announced a delayed start Thursday, saying it would not operate during morning rush hourswhile crews work to ensure rider safety on landings.
    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced all school buildings would be closed Thursday and in-person learning was canceled.
    I know we all grew up with the excitement of snow days, but this year is different,” él escribió on Twitter Wednesday. “Tomorrow will be a FULL REMOTE learning day for our students.
    People walk through Manhattan in a snow storm on December 16, 2020 En nueva york

    There wasn’t just snow

    But the storm didn’t just dump snow. Powerful wind gustsof about 55 a 65 mph — from Delaware to New Jersey caused minor damage, Guy said. The coastline will likely continue to feel strong winds from New Jersey up through Massachusetts all day Thursday, with a possibility of coastal flooding in Delaware through New Jersey, Guy said.
    Heavy snow will continue as the storm tracks to the northeast and the heavy snowfall will completely exit the region by late afternoonearly evening,” él agregó.
    The southern portion of the system also pushed a cold front across central Florida Wednesday, spawning several tornadoes across Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, Guy said.
    In neighboring Polk County, Sheriff Grady Judd dicho authorities were dispatched Wednesday evening after reports of a possible tornado, just north of the city limits of Lakeland.
    Deputies arrived at the area and foundsignificant damage on two streets,” Judd said, adding two houses appear to beuninhabitable at this point.
      There is significant damage to trees and to other homes in the area,” el sheriff dijo. “We started going door to doorto check for safety security and to make sure there were no injuries.
      The sheriff said they had not received any reports of injurieseven though there was significant damage.

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