Un uomo del Wisconsin è scioccato nello scoprire che un cervello è stato lavato via dalla spiaggia

Un uomo del Wisconsin che passeggiava lungo la spiaggia è rimasto sbalordito dopo aver scoperto un cervello di animale avvolto in un foglio di alluminio che era stato lavato sulla riva.

James Senda was hunting for sea glass Tuesday at Samuel Myers Park in Racine when he came across a brick-shaped package wrapped in aluminum foil with a pink rubber band.
Suspecting the package contained money or drugs and overcome with curiosity, Senda unwrapped the package only to discover a brainalong with pink flowers and foreign money.
When I first opened it, I think I was so shocked it didn’t click what it was,” Senda told CNN. “I walked up to city workers nearby and I was like, ‘Did I just find a brain?'”
    The brain.

    Police said on Thursday the brain did not belong to a human, but medical examiners are unsure what animal it came from, CNN affiliate WDJT reported.
    Some member of the community suspect the brain may have been part of a send-off ritual for the dead, which includes itemssuch as money and flowersthey can use in the afterlife, but no onecan explain the brain,” Senda said.
      The brain was larger than the size of his extended hand and was not decomposed, Egli ha detto.
      I’m glad I’m the one who found it,” Senda added. “Imagine a grandma or mom, or a kid that was playing nearby, was the one who saw and unwrapped it. Io sono 47 and I’m freaked out about it.

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