Wisconsin Republicans file emergency petition to delay vote certification

Wisconsin Republicans file emergency petition to delay vote certification

威斯康星州 GOP filed an emergency petition in the state supreme court on Tuesday to stop the final certification of election results, as two counties press forward with a recount.

The Republicans, not affiliated with 特朗普总统的 legal team, alleged that “private money sourced to Mark Zuckerberg” was used to “illegally circumvent absentee voting laws, including primarily one absentee voting law, which is the sole exception to Wisconsin’s photo ID law, to cast tens of thousands of illegal absentee ballots.”

The GOP suit alleges that illegal votes exceed the number by which President-elect Joe Biden won the state, 20,608.

威斯康星州官员: 王牌观察员阻碍重新计数

The Trump campaign has paid $ 3 million for a recount of votes in Milwaukee and Dane counties, the state’s most populous county with mostly liberal voters. The campaign hoped to discover and reject ballots with missing addresses allegedly filled by election officials, but so far, the recount has earned Trump a net gain of 59 票数.


Trump had carried Wisconsin in 2016, helping him to victory over that year’s Democratic nominee, 希拉里·克林顿. This time around, Biden was declared the winner in the state with 49.39% of the vote compared to President Trump’s 49.09%, 根据福克斯新闻决策台.

The recount got off to a slow start last week, but as of Tuesday, the work wasvery close to being back on scheduleand could be completed as soon as Wednesday, said Brian Rothgery, spokesman for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.

The recount must conclude by Dec. 1, the deadline for Wisconsin to certify its results.

The Trump campaign is widely expected to file a lawsuit challenging tens of thousands of absentee ballots after the recount is complete.


And while the Wisconsin recount continues, 宾夕法尼亚州, Michigan and Nevada certified their results in favor of Biden this week.


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