Testigo del colapso de un edificio en el área de Miami ayuda a salvar a un niño: 'Like something out of a movie'

A partir de 10 soy. hora local, 51 people remained unaccounted for as a thunderstorm rolled into the area. Se estima que el edificio se derrumbó 1:20 soy.

Nicolás Balboa, quien fue testigo del colapso, recounted what he saw and how he helped save a young boy in an interview on “Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos.”


Balboa was walking his dog when he felt the ground shake and saw a plume of dust and debris rising from where the Surfside condo building had fallen.

It was definitely like something you see out of a movie,” he recalled to anchor Bill Hemmer.

Balboa took his dog home and returned to the scene. He said he heard someone yell from the rubble.

He was just he was screaming and saying, ‘can you see me?"” Balboa said. “We saw his fingers wiggling. Asi que, I let him know that we were here.

He was just screaming ‘don’t leave me, don’t leave me.’

Balboa said he led first responders to the 10-year-old boy. The boy said he was with his mother, but Balboa did not know the status of her recovery.

I just hope that anybody would do the same for me,” él dijo. “This wasn’t an act to try and be heroic.

I just hope any decent human being would do that. They would stay regardless of the situation

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue set up a family reunification center and asked anyone who has family members who are unaccounted for or are safe to call 305-614-1819.

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