WNBA 팀 Atlanta Dream, Kelly Loeffler가 공동 소유, 매각에 가깝다, 리그 말한다

The sale of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream — 나가는 US Sen이 공동 소유. 켈리 로플 러 — 마무리에 가깝습니다., 리그 대변인이 화요일 CNN에.

The news of the sale was first reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
로플 러, WHO lost to Rev. 라파엘 워녹 in the historic Georgia senatorial runoff earlier this month, is a Republican who previously caused controversy in the WNBA by saying she doesn’t support the Black Lives Matter movement. She also called for the depoliticization of professional sports.
Warnock is scheduled to be sworn in as a US senator on Wednesday.
As it relates to the Atlanta Dream, we understand a sale of the franchise is close to being finalized,” a WNBA spokesperson told CNN in an email. “Once the sale negotiation is concluded, additional information will be provided.
The Atlanta Dream did not have a comment, according to a team spokesperson. CNN has also reached out to Loeffler’s representatives, 그러나 회신하지 않았다.
지난 여름 Dream players released a unified signed statementover Loeffler’s objectionsaying they supported the Black Lives Matter movement.
Despite pressure to sell her share in the team, Loeffler has refused to do so in the past, which emboldened WNBA players to campaign against her. Several Atlanta Dream players were photographed wearingVote Warnockshirts in the days leading up to the election earlier this month.
Warnock’s victory meant he became the first Black US senator from Georgia. He was also is the first Georgia Democrat elected to the US Senate in more than 20 연령.
NBA superstar LeBron James tweeted on January 6 that he was thinking of putting together an ownership group to purchase the Dream.

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