Woke politics being 'crammed down our throats' by corporations: Former diplomat-author

Dave Seminara, skrywer van “Footsteps of Federer,” vertel “jakkals & Vriende” Dinsdag, die “cultural revolution” die VSA. is “a sad state of affairs.He weighed in on the difficulties of being a konserwatief during this time period.

We’re having essentially left-wing politiek crammed down our throats,” Seminara said.

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Seminara arguedwakker gewordcorporate America is more than just a quick fad.

It’s increasingly clear that the sharp increase in corporate virtue signaling after George Floyd’s death wasn’t a passing trend but a sea change. Perhaps it’s time for conservatives to boycott companies that hate us.

The former diplomat went on to criticize certain brands that he believes are isolating Americans by selling politiek.

“Regtig, ek bedoel, does Coca-Cola want to be the official beverage of the Democratic Party or what are they going for here?” asked Seminara.

Tell me about your services. But please don’t tell me who to vote for. Don’t tell me what to think. And above all else, don’t insult me and alienate me as one of your customers.

Seminara urged caution to customers and stressed the importance of researching maatskappye before spending cash.

“ek bedoel, really look at their Twitter feeds, look at their social media and find out what are they selling,” said Seminara.

Are they selling a product or are they selling a service or are they selling politics?”

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