Woman charged with stealing a laptop from Pelosi's office during US Capitol riot

Nove mesi dopo la rivolta al Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti, a Pennsylvania woman has been formally charged with stealing and then selling or disposing of a laptop from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

An indictment unsealed on Thursday against Riley Williams accuses the 22-year-old of stealing a laptop from Pelosi’s office and then ultimately getting rid of it. Prosecutors also charged her with resisting police. She has not yet entered a plea.
Prosecutors had been in plea negotiations with Williams, but last month indicated in court that those talks had broken down and that the government was preparing for a trial.
    Secondo to the FBI, Williams took a video during the riot of an HP laptop on a desk in Pelosi’s office. Una donna, whom prosecutors claim is Williams, dice, “Dude, put on gloves,” and a gloved hand grabs the laptop off the desk. The FBI alleges that a social media account with the user name “Riley” posted about having stolen from Pelosi and having taken Pelosi’shard drives.
      In court documents, prosecutors noted claims by a tipster that Williams intended to send the laptop to Russia, and said those claims were still under investigation. Williams has denied the accusations against her. A gennaio, Williams’ lawyer told the court that the allegationscame in part from a former abusive boyfriendwho has “minacciata” sua.
        It is unclear how much intelligence value the laptop might have. Pelosi deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill tweeted in January that a computer was stolen from a conference room and that itwas only used for presentations.

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