Woman stranded in Washington DC flood waters saved by bus full of Marines: 'Most American thing ever'

Virginia Waller-Torres was stuck in her car outside Arlington National Cemetery during a flash flood on Sept. 16 when a bus pulled over and six Marines jumped out to 救命. She recorded video of the rescue and posted it on TikTok.


Marine power!” Waller-Torres can be heard saying in the video as the six Marines push her car through the knee-high floodwater. “This is the most American thing ever.

If there’s anyone who’s going to help these people, it’d be us,” 聚氯乙烯. Mitchell Wojtowicz, one of the Marines, 告诉 FOX5 DC. “We were the right ones for the job and hopped out without hesitation.

在星期一, Waller-Torres 团聚 with Wojtowicz and Cpl. Jared Tosner, who served with the Marine Corps Body Bearers, a unit that performs funeral services at Arlington, WUSA-TV reported.

We figured it would be a good idea to just lend a helping hand and help out our fellow American,” Tosner told the station.

Waller-Torres told the station that the rescue affected her emotionally because her grandfather, who was buried at Arlington, was a World War II veteran and that her father served with the Navy during the Persian Gulf War.

It was something so different. It was something that I can’t explain in words,” 她说, thanking the Marines. “I am so grateful.

Tosner and Wojtowicz remained humble, saying that lending a hand was just the right thing to do.

And if people just reciprocate that, and do good unto others, I think our country is headed in a good direction,” Tosner said.