Women are finally driving Moscow's subway trains after a decades-long ban

TrainsMoscow’s famous Metro subway system will now be driven by women, after a decades-long ban on female drivers was overturned.

The first of a new generation of women drivers started work on Sunday, according to a statement from the Moscow Department of Transportation.
Russia’s Ministry of Labor ordered that women be allowed to drive trains on the network a year ago, and now the first cohort have successfully completed a training program and entered the workforce. 의 25 women who started the course, 12 completed it and will become drivers, according to the department.
Next year, 적어도 50 new employees will join the ranks of our female drivers,” 성명은 말했다. “We are very proud that Moscow transport is a territory that is accessible to people regardless of gender!”
    러시아's Ministry of Labor issued a decree allowing women to work on the metro in 2019.

    The new drivers will work on the Filevskaya line, one of the most modern on the Metro network.
    Women were allowed to drive trains on the network from 1936, but a ban on hiring new female drivers was introduced in the early 1980s, according to the Moscow Mayor’s office.
    This was explained by the protection of women from tough burdens of the job and unfavorable work conditions,” 그것은 말했다.
    The Department of Transportation said the job previously involvedheavy physical exertionbut many processes are now automated.
    Kristina Vakulenko, 31, was one of the first women to sign up for the program.
    Now we are being trained to work on the new Moskva trainsthey are modern, so the working conditions are much better than they were before,” Vakulenko, whose husband is also a Metro driver, told the state-run TASS news agency in May. “I myself cannot compare, but my husband says that the difference from the old model is very noticeable.
    Vakulenko said the training program isdifficult,” but pointed out that drivers get 48 일’ vacation every year.
    Special uniforms have been developed for the female drivers, who will be allowed to choose between a skirt or pants.
      약간 36% of the Moscow Metro’s total workforce of 62,000 employees is female, according to the statement.
      The Metro, which began operation in the 1930s, is known for its spectacular architecture, and taking the subway has been likened to traveling through a national heritage site.

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