Yaphet Kotto, 'Aliens' and 'Homicide: Life on the Street' actor, 死于 81

Yaphet Kotto, 以在电视和电影中扮演格拉维塔斯而出名的演员, 已经死了, 据他的经纪人说, 瑞安·戈德哈(Ryan Goldhar). 他是 81.

科托于三月去世 14 在 10:30 下午. local time in the Philippines, where he lived with his wife, Goldhar said. Information on the cause of death was not provided.
Kotto’s on-screen body of work began in the late ’60s and remained steady through the ’90s. 在这段时间, he amassed an array of memorable roles that spoke to his transformative talent.
    His notable film work includes roles inAlien,” “The Running Man,” “Midnight Run” 和 “Live and Let Die,” in which he played iconic Bond villain Mr. 大.
      In television, his longest-running role was as Lt. Al Giardello on NBC’sHomicide: Life on the Street.
          “Yaphet Kotto. My Mom’s favorite,” director Ava DuVernay wrote on 推特. “He’s one of those actors who deserved more than the parts he got. But he took those parts and made them wonderful all the same. A star. Rest well, sir.
          Television producer David Simon 添加: “Memories and respect for Yaphet Kotto, whose film career was legend even before he came to Baltimore to grace our television drama. 但是对我来说, he’ll always be Al Giardello, the unlikeliest Sicilian, gently pulling down the office blinds to glower at detectives in his squadroom.




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