Yelp will tell you if local businesses are enforcing masks and social distancing

Nueva York (CNN Business)Customers observing coronavirus violations at businesses and restaurants can now complain on Yelp.

The crowd-sourced review platform is expanding its Covid-19 section on profile pages to include information about enforcement of social distancing and if staff are wearing masks with new indicators activated by user reports. Yelp said Tuesday that the changes aim toinstill confidence in consumers to continue supporting local businesses.
Yelp (YELP) stated that anumber of criteria must be metbefore it warns people, including complaints from multiple Yelp users that are logged in from their accounts. The company said that feedback from the previous 28 days will be used and complaints will be evaluated daily to keep the warnings accurate and current.
Users will see green check mark if the Covid-19 recommendations are being followed or an orange question mark if not. Yelp will also indicate if complaints are mixed with a phrase such asSocial distancing might not be enforced according to some users” o “Staff might not wear masks according to some users.
Yelp will also start indicating whether restaurants sell meal kits, have contactless menus and have heated or outdoor dining seatingfeatures that have soared in popularity during the pandemic. Interest in businesses that have updated their Covid-19 sections increased more than 40% between September and December 2020, Yelp said.
El año pasado, the website also added warnings on businesses that were accused ofovertly racist actions. Reports of businesses engaging in alleged racist behavior on Yelp increased last spring and summer, when the police killing of George Floyd sparked protests across the United States.

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