Yeti recalls nearly 250,000 of its popular mugs over burning hazards linked to a faulty lid

If you bought a Yeti mug with a magnetic slider lid this fall, you may want to check the product number.

The lidcan eject and hot contents can spill out, posing injury and burn hazards,” Yeti said in consumer safety report last week, announcing the recall of around 250,000 of its popular ramblers.
안에 filing from the US Consumer Products Safety Goods on November 4, the company revealed that there had been two reports on the slider ejecting after beingsealed with hot liquid.
Yeti told customers that theyshould stop using the product immediatelyon its 웹 사이트.
    The lid’s MagSlider and mug contents can be expelled if the mug is filled with hot liquid, sealed with the lid, and agitated or inverted, which can pose an injury hazard,” Yeti wrote.
    There have not been any reported injuries yet.
    Since the Rambler® 20 oz Travel Mugs were recalled last week, the outdoor manufacturing company is issuing a full refund to anyone who purchased one.
    The mugs were sold in October 2020 in stores and online. They cost $ 35. Look for the date code 34204010 to see if yours qualifies.
      Yeti isn’t asking for the whole mug — 그만큼 return form only asks customers to send the lid back.
      CNN contacted Yeti for additional comment.

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