You and a friend can earn $  2,000 for playing video games together

Here’s your shot at getting paid to play video games.

Internet provider FrontierBundles 提供 $ 2,000 to pairs of friends willing to play 21 hours of video games together and report back on their experience.
The company wants to know if people play video games better solo or with someone on their side. It says it’s celebrating a big gaming year, as some long-awaited titles are coming out, 如 “Resident Evil Village” 和 “Mario Golf: Super Rush.
      There are also some significant video game anniversaries this year. “Donkey Kongis turning 40. “The Legend of Zeldais turning 35. “Sonic the Hedgehog” 和 “Street Fighter IIboth turn 30.
        You can apply for yourself and your gaming buddy on until June 18 在 11:59 下午. PDT. Applicants are asked what their favorite game is and why they should be chosen.
            There will be two sets of winners from anywhere in the United States, and duos don’t need to play together in person. FrontierBundles says it’s looking forpairs of gamers with a ton of virtual history.
            FrontierBundles says it will notify winners by June 25. They will get a swag bag with a Nintendo Switch Lite, access tomodern video game favorites and retro video game classics,” as well as some snacks.




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