El joven Dolph era tanto un hombre de familia como un rapero

Following the shooting death of Memphis rapper Young Dolph miércoles, a video of him styling his young daughter Aria’s hair began making the rounds on social media.

So you don’t want Mommy to comb your hair, you want Daddy to comb your hair,” Mia Jaye, the artist’s longtime girlfriend and mother of both Aria and their young son Tre Tre can be heard saying.
It’s just one of the many moments showing Young Dolph’s love for family that have been circulating since his death.
    Dolph was killed after two unidentified gunmen opened fire on him at a Memphis cookie shop he frequented.
      The video showing him lovingly fixing his daughter’s hair was originally posted by Jaye in August on her Instagram account, junto con una leyenda que decía: “Why do Black men deserve to grow old?”
        “Porque es su derecho de nacimiento! Cuando Dios creó a cada individuo, les asignó una tarea que cumplir y cuando estos hombres son sacados de este mundo prematuramente, esa tarea… Objetivo… La asignación se puede dejar sin hacer,” La publicación de Jaye continuó. “La tarea podría ser criar hijos.. Para verter toda su sabiduría, poder y fuerza en ellos para que, pueden cumplir su propósito cuando se convierten en hombres, y ese niño también merece envejecer!”
        Jaye wrote that the images included in the post along with her rapper boyfriend, who was born Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., included Black men she said had died as a result of violence.
          Angela Yee, one of the co-hosts on the popular New York morning radio showThe Breakfast Club,” posted a video Wednesday on her verified Facebook account of one of Young Dolph’s appearances on the show in which he talked about taking care of his family and only surrounding himself with fellowkings.
            It ain’t about Young Dolph, se trata de [his record label] Paper Route Empire,” that’s my brand,” él dijo. “Something happened to me tomorrow, my boys will still be able to eat off of Paper Route Empire.




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