YouTuber Jake Paul offers UFC fighter Conor McGregor $  50 million to box him

YouTuber 杰克·保罗 is trying to capitalize on his initial success in the boxing ring by challenging former UFC champion Conor McGregor.

Channeling his inner-McGregor in a profane, insulting rant posted on social media, Paul publicly challenged McGregor and offered him $ 50 million to fight in a boxing match.
My team sent you a $ 50 million dollar offer this morning,” Paul said in the video. “$ 50 million cash, proof of funds, the biggest fight offer you’ve ever been offered. But you’re scared to fight me, Conor! … 你是 0-1 as a boxer. 我是 2-0 as a boxer.
McGregor has fought one boxing match before, losing in the 10th round to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. 在 2017.
    Representatives for McGregor and the UFC did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN.
    Fresh off his knockout of former NBA player Nate Robinson, Paul is looking to challenge one of the most dangerous fighters in UFC history. McGregor has a 22-4-0 MMA record 与 19 wins coming by way of knockout.
    The controversial Irish fighter, whose nickname isThe Notorious,” announced his retirement from UFC in March 2019 but returned in January to battle American fighter Donald “牛仔” Cerrone at UFC 246 在拉斯维加斯, 内华达州. 他 won by technical knockout 40 seconds into the first round.
    While McGregor announced he would be retiring 在六月, he came out of retirement yet again and is currently scheduled to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 在一月 23, 2021.
    Paul has fought twice professionally. 保罗 defeated YouTuber AnEsonGib in January in less than a round. 十一月, he defeated Robinson by knockout in the second round.
      与此同时, Mayweather recently announced that he would be fighting Paul’s older brother Logan 在一个 “超级展览” 在二月 20, 2021.
      Mayweather’s last competitive fight was against McGregor in 2017.