Zooey Deschanel channels Katy Perry in new music video

凯蒂·佩里(Katy Perry)的 new music video has us doing a double take.

Perry released a video for her songNot the End of the Worldon Monday in which she is played by 柔伊·黛丝香奈(Zooey Deschanel). The two women have often been mistaken for one another over the years.
“没有, 没有, 没有! 抱歉. Misunderstanding. I’m Zooey,” she says in the video after she’s abducted by aliens.
Perry shared on Instagram的 that they filmed the video four months ago. 一世
    I had this idea that Zooey would step in while I was taking a bit of a [maternity] 离开 … for so long we’ve had this funny relationshippeople think we look alike,” Perry said.
    Deschanel added, “I’ve had full conversations with people who’ve thought I was you.